segunda-feira, outubro 29, 2007

celluloid rock volume 2

Clique nas músicas para ouvir pelo Real player:
Summer kisses, winter tears (take 20)
Summer kisses, winter tears (takes 21-23)
Summer kisses, winter tears (take 24)
Summer kisses, winter tears (take 25)
Summer kisses, winter tears (take 26)
Britches (take 1, instr.)
Britches (vocal overdubs, takes 1-7)
Britches (insert 1, take 1)
A cane and a high starched collar
Flaming star (take 1, backing track)
Flaming star (vocal overdubs)
Smorgasbord (takes 1-3)
Smorgasbord (take 4)
Smorgasbord (takes 5-7)
Stop look and listen (takes 1-3)
Stop look and listen (takes 4-5)
Stop look and listen (takes 6-7)
Am I ready (take 1)
Am I ready (take 2)
Am I ready (takes 3-4)
Am I ready (takes 5-6)
Beach shack (takes 1-3)
Never say yes (takes 1-2)
Never say yes (takes 3-6)
Spinout (takes 1-2)
Spinout (takes 3-5)
All that I am (takes 1-3)
All that I am (take 4)
All that I am (take 6)
Adam and Evil (take 1)
Adam and Evil (takes 2-4)
Adam and Evil (takes 5-9)
Adam and Evil (takes 10-11)
Adam and Evil (takes 12-14)
Adam and Evil (takes 15-16)
Adam and Evil (takes 17-19)
Could I fall in love
Could I fall in love (vocal overdub)
There's so much world to see
Long legged girl
Double trouble
Baby if you'll give me all your love
I love only one girl
Old Mac Donald
It won't be long
City by night
There ain't nothin' like a song
Your time hasn't come yet baby
Your time hasn't come yet baby (take 6)
Five sleepy heads (take 3)
Who are you (who am I) (take 6)
Speedway (take 4)
Suppose (take 1)
Suppose (take 7)
Suppose (rehearsal, vocals & piano)
Suppose (vocal overdub)
Suppose (Instr. overdub)
Suppose (overdub with backing vocals & choir)
Suppose (Backing Vocals W/ Choir)
Let yourself go (take 5)
He's your uncle, not your dad (take 7)
Easy come, easy go
Easy come, easy go (vocal overdubs)
I'll take love (backing track)
I'll take love
Sing you children (backing track)
Sing You Children
The love machine (backing track)
The love machine
Yoga is as yoga does (backing track)
Yoga is as yoga does
You gotta stop (backing tracks)
You gotta stop
Wonderful world (take 7)
Wonderful world (take 15)
Wonderful world (take 16)
Wonderful world (take 17, vocal & choir)
Edge of reality (take 6)
Edge of reality (take 7)
Edge of reality (take 8, vocal & choir)
A little less conversation (take 10)
A little less conversation (take 16)
A little less conversation (vocal & choir)
Almost in love (take 4, backing track)
Almost in love (take 2, backing track)
Too much monkey business
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